A meditative interactive audio/visual installation exploring the 7 chakras. Impermanence is designed to calm the participant as they explore using motion, sight, and sound. Main visuals are displayed in front of the user on an array of 3 55" tv's, an HD projector on either side of the participant projecting into their peripherals. Audio fills the space around the participant in 5.1 surround. Participants are presented with two modes:

trāṭaka (to look, or to gaze) mode: the participant gazes upon an abstract chakra while listening to an accompanying piece of music.

interactive mode: participant interacts with the visuals via moving the left hand to attract/repulse energy, abstract foliage, and other elements. The participant controls the speed, direction, number of instruments, and amplitude of the audio in relation to the position of the right hand in the space.

Impermanence was built as part of our senior thesis project for the Missouri State University Electronic Art's Program in fall/spring 2017.

YEAR: 2017

MADE WITH: Processing, Max/MSP

COLLABORATORS: Raymond G McCord & James Styron

LIBRARIES: toxiclibs,kinectpv2,oscP5

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